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The famous Otter transcription carrier is converting its plans — however there are alternatives.

Whenever a famous on-line app declares a extrade to its fees, or withinside the offerings it offers for the ones fees, you`re going to get a response from its subscribers — specially the long-time period ones. One app that brought on this sort of dismay changed into Otter, a recording and transcription carrier that, in August 2022, introduced downgrades of the offerings it offers on of its plans and raised the fee at the month-to-month plan.

When a carrier you`ve used for some time makes radical adjustments in its charges and function set, a herbal response is to begin buying round to peer if there are any viable

There are forms of transcription offerings to be had on-line today: one which makes use of an AI engine and the alternative that makes use of human transcribers. The latter is generally lots greater correct however is likewise drastically greater high-priced. As a result, a whole lot of human beings use AI-pushed offerings to interpret and transcribe their audio, that is much less high-priced and generally reasonably, if now no longer perfectly, correct. So what we’ve got provided is a listing of AI-powered transcription offerings if you want to do not forget.

One issue to be conscious of: the pleasant of transcription provided through those apps can range broadly relying now no longer most effective at the AI engine the app is the usage of however additionally at the pleasant of your audio record. If there are a whole lot of voices speakme at once, if there is lots of history noise, if the audio system have accents strange to the AI — the ones can all serve to degrade the accuracy of the transcription. So a very good concept is to attempt out a transcription carrier with a regular record to peer how nicely it performs.

And do not forget which app can be maximum cost-powerful for you. If you most effective want to add an occasional record, it may be great to go together with both a loose model or one of the pay-as-you-move offerings. If you do ordinary uploads, then a month-to-month or annual subscription may go higher for you.

Let`s begin with the carrier that supplied the impetus for this article.


Otter gives a reasonably astounding variety of services, which include the cappotential to without difficulty document Zoom and Google Meet meetings, routinely create an define of your transcription or pull out highlighted phrases, and prepare your transcriptions into folders and your contacts into groups.

As mentioned, there had been quite a few modifications to the company`s expenses and features. For example, loose customers will now no longer have get right of entry to to all in their beyond transcriptions — best the final 25. Paying clients who’re on Otter`s Pro plan might be downgraded from a month-to-month allowance of 6,000 mins of transcribed audio to 1,2 hundred mins and from a most of 4 hours of audio in step with verbal exchange to ninety mins. (You can locate an FAQ approximately those modifications here.)

Otter attempted to ameliorate the ache to its paying clients — somewhat. While it has raised its month-to-month rate from $12.ninety nine to $16.ninety nine, its annual rate of $ninety nine.ninety six did now no longer change. Otter`s Business plan ($30 a month or $240 annually) nonetheless has the 6,000 mins in step with month / 4 hours in step with verbal exchange allowance, along side different features.


(video found on timi official website here)

Temi is a basic transcription service that offers such features as the ability to review and edit your transcriptions, slow down the replay, and export your files into text (Microsoft Word, PDF) or closed caption (SRT, VTT) files. Its mobile apps for Android and iOS allow you to record audio; you can then choose to transcribe it for a straightforward 25 cents per audio minute or upload your own recordings for the same price. New users get the first 45 minutes free.

Rev Max

Rev has been around for a while; until recently, it was mainly available for those who wanted human transcription services. The company has now introduced Rev Max, an AI transcription service that offers 20 hours of automated transcription services and unlimited Zoom transcripts for $29.99. (If you pass the 20-hour mark, you’ll be charged 25 cents a minute until your next month begins.) You also get a 5 percent discount on any human-based transcription services and no time limit on storage for your transcriptions. There is a 14-day free trial period, but you have to put in a credit card to get it.








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